long wait for new 450

Well I work at a Yamaha dealership in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and my new 05 450 is not due till mid march a the earliest. :cry: They are not even on the water yet. So I just want to say to all you americans that have yours already :cry: .Nothing to do with you being american, but I am just disgruntalled that I cant ride my new bike because you guys got yours first. :cry::cry:

no offence to anyone though.

Wow sounds like canada is way behind..........EH!

Wow sounds like canada is way behind..........EH!

haha, funny. guess what, some of us still live in igloos too. :cry:

but seriousley, yeah it sucks. Oh well, just gives me more time to sell the 03 CRF450. Awesom bike, but the YAMI calles. It says if you dont buy me you are fired. or something like that.

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