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Two Things...

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I have to questions for the supermoto inclined members.

1. How to supermoto your bike

2.Supermoto videos!!!???? I can't find race videos anywhere!

Perhaps some of you can shine some light on my questions?

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hey jolly705, the poor guy is already on a supermoto site, and a damn good one at that, why are you trying to send him somewhere else? we can answer his questions just fine!! I'll be back in a little while to give some imput.

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Sorry just being lazy, :cry: your answers can def. be found here.

What kind of bike do you have?

In order to SM your bike most guys throw on a set of 17" rims or 16.5" front and 5" rear. They also put a larger front brake on it, usually consisting a 320MM rotor and some type of 4 or 6 pot caliber (Brembo, Motomaster)

Some guys lower there suspension but alot of people feel it is not totally nec. in the beginning. KTM and Husky also make SM's right off the showroom floor.

I am sure you will get all the answers you need right here :cry: I was more or less implying that there is a really good photo and video section on SMJ

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wantmorepower: There's a vid called "Supermoto in the USA" that has footage of the 2003 AMA supermoto series. I believe it's available at www.amasupermoto.com. It has interviews, some setup, etc. Not the best vid in the world, but worth the $20 or so bucks.

There's also a magazine supermoto racer (look at the top of the screen) that's well worth the money.

As far as setting up a bike, I'm probably not the best guy to ask but maybe you can get some useful info:

1.) If you dont already have a mx bike to convert you'll find it a lot cheaper to buy a factory SM or a mx bike that's already been done. Nobody gets near what they put into a bike when they sell it.

2.) If you have a bike and want to try it out you may want to just get some street tires before blowing a grand on 17's. If you want to go full bore most guys get 17's so you can fit race rubber, lower/stiffen the suspension to get it to hook up on asphalt, and upgrade the front brakes for more stopping power (motomaster/braking). The most popular rims seem to be excel or Behr, hubs can be either stock or aftermarket, i.e. Talon, RAD, factory pro racing (dont know the name), etc.

Hope it helps...

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I suggest to anyone wanted to get involved with supermoto that already owns a 450 or 250 motocross bike - try riding the sportsman class first.

1. First off read SuperMoto Racer Magazine SMR

2. Read and ask questions on TT

SM Stage 1


Dual sport front tire and dirt track or street rear tire on stock rims. stock or 320mm street supermoto kit with the stock caliper.

Stage 2

17-inch wheels front and rear 3.50X17 front and 4.0-5.0X17 Rear

Street supermoto kits like mentioned above

Stage 3

Same as above but with better brakes, complete brake kit with rotor, four-piston caliper and 13mm master cylinder. DOT race tires

Stage 4

Same Wheels and brakes with valved suspension and for some people slightly lowered suspension - about one inch lower. DOT race tires or slicks

Stage 5

Wheels, brakes, suspension, exhaust, engine work, possibly 16.5 inch front wheel. full race slicks.

These are the basics to the sport

Riding gear is also very important. I don't suggest running motocross gear. Leathers or Troy Lee Designs supermoto gear.

Watching a guy go down in moto gear is not pretty.


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