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New Biker Questions

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Hello all, excuse any ignorance in the following but it is about 25 yrs since I rode a bike. I moved to SW spain about 4 yrs ago and there are 20,000 acres of forest open to the public (on bikes and quads as well) I thought I would buy myself a trail bike for this summer and start learning. I read a few things and got a very good deal on a Yamaha TTR 250 four stroke 2005 which should be delivered in a couple of weeks.Bearing in mind I will not be racing, just pottering around and the terrain is mainly sandy/rocky and I will be doing little road use, I have the following questions and would appreciate any help.

1) I read that the stock tyres are rubbish, if so what should I replace them with

2) I have heard the engine needs to breath better. To start with i won't be re-jetting. Is there a different air filter to put on to improve the situation.

3) How often oil changes ?

4) Anyone reccomend a good pair of gloves. It gets up to 45 Deg C here is summer so they must be cool

5) Same for a jacket

6) Any other tips

Many thanks, Mike Bailey

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