05 wr450f suspension need help to set

hi guys as the name said new 2 four strokes this is my first one ever.. so i guess i'm saying i have NO IDEA what i'm doing :cry: .. i've only ever had 2 strokes (04 rm250) was the last i had.. ok when i'm pushing the 450 the front seems very very driffty has any one had this problem i'm 5'7 and 235 pounds i had to re spring the rm do you think i'll have to do the same with this...

I'm no expert, and I'm of similar size (5'9", 230#) but have discussed this with some who are experts. They have said to improve the suspension is necessary, and for my size 4.8 front spring(s - one or both), and a 5.8 on the rear. Going with Race Tech and taking the bike in today to get it done next week. You might also post this question on the suspension board if you haven't done so. Good luck. :cry:

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