Handle Bar Questions

I would like to replace my stock bars with some ProTapers and was wondering if there is any reason to go with a new upper triple clamp as opposed to the large diameter bar adapters sold by Yamaha ?

Any comments on which bend is best for woods riding ? I am 6'3" and would like the bar to be slightly taller than stock.

Any recommendations on aluminum hand guards that will work with the 1-1/2" bars ? Do most people replace the stock throttle tube with an aluminum tube ?

I don't know much about bends, so I can't help you there. However, if you are wanting them to sit higher, the bar adapters will give you a quick inch. I am running them on my 426 and have not had any trouble with them at all. I am running the Renthal Twinwall's with the CR high bend. I am also running the ODI clamp on grip system which I really like. The grips have a nice soft tacky feel to them and they are molded to the throttle tube. They are not much more than the standard grips and you can remove them very easily. No more glue! Hope this helps,


I have ProTapers fat bar with CR Mid bend on my 2003 WR. I installed the ProTapers fat bar adapter mount to the original equipment triple clamp. Raised bars about 1 inch, great for stand-up trail riding. I am 6'-2" and this modification really helped out.

Did you use the Yamaha adapters ?

Thumper Racing makes risers for the 7/8th bars, 2 sizes, 1" and 1.5" both more the bar up and forward in that dimension. the bolt right into the stock clamp.

I am 6'3" too and found it open up the riding area, so now I can stand up and ride, where as before it was too cramped for much stand up riding.

I have 1.5" on both of my WR's with Renthal Jimmy Button bends (highest they make) and the 1" riser on my xr600.

Very good quality, made big diff

Tag metals makes one too, they looked pretty nice. They're black anodized and around 50 bucks.

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