Keihin FCR MX-41 Carburetor

Has anyone used the Keihin MX-41 carburetor on the Honda XR650R. what are your impressions. How does it compare to the Mikuni and the Edelbrock

I have both the Mikuni TM40 and Edelbrock and the Edelbrock bored out to have a bigger venturi. I have ridden a bike with a FCR on it. It was crisp and to the point at all RPM. I road it 26 miles and the XR650R was flawless. The mikuni hung with it at all times but, some of that was rider and area that was being ridden. The FCR could nose the Mikuni bike in a drag but, the FCR had the HRC cam, piston with header and muffler. The mikuni was a stock bike with header and Muffler. Once we got back to the trucks we yanked the tank so he could show me how he had to heat the tank to bend it, shape it to make room for the throttle linkage wheel. He had to grind the chian tensioner for the carburetor to fit. The money and modifications to the bike to make it fit did not make it worth it for me. The Mikuni is so close to the same porformance that it isn't worth it. The Edelbrock is cool but, the low end is not as comes on late.

Thanks you have saved me alot of headaches i do not want to get into heating and bending the tank for a marginal performance gain. interesting about the edelbrock hesitation at low end. is this a glitch or is this a common experience

the keihin wont fit with some aftermarket parts, is difficult to jet--especially the needle taper edelbrock doesnt have any hesitation issues down low.

thats usually caused by the pumper adjustment, oversized valves, poor porting, or lack of back-pressure.

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