Adding 2T oil to gasoline of 4T?

I recently went to a race and much to my surprise I saw some riders adding small quantities of two-stroke oil in the tanks of their four stroke YZ426.

Is this required / recommendable, if so what percentage?



That sounds weird! Maybe it wasn't their bike! Is it possible they were sabotaging the competition? I would be interested to know why you would want to do that as well. Were you not able to ask them? Don't do it until you know exactly why you would want to.

Good luck!

Are you sure that it was two-stroke oil and not octane booster or fuel stabilizer? For the record we always run pre-mix in four stroke ATVs at work with no apparent ill affects other than the odd fouled sparkplug. Just my 2c.P.Z.

Many people used to thing adding 2 stroke oil to their fuel would give them added lubrication and lengthen the life of the engine. The idea has merits, because the more you reduce friction, more engine life, and power. However, when is the last time you have seen a well maintained four stroke fail due to a lubrication failure? Oiling systems on 4 strokes work very well, and if you use a good quality oil from the start, you should not need any additional lubrication. Heck, one of the reasons I got a thumper is to get away from adding oil to the fuel. It would not hurt much, except your wallet. It would cost you in oil and plugs. It may throw off your jetting some depending on how much oil you add. If it were me, I would just run the standard set up, and change your oil often. Your bike should have a pretty happy life.

Tahts nuts man, we all know how over oiling the air filter can be dasaterous to the starting of the bike. 2 smokes need that oul to lube the pistion and main bearings. 4 strokes comp chamber is sealed so oil in the fule would never get to those parts, what would you be oiling?

My guese is it was octane booter of some other fule additive, but what a sneeky trick to put that stuff, or even regular gas in a cleaned out oil bottle and let every one at the track see you dumping it in,,,,, whoo ha hahahaha haha aha ahaha,,, wooooooo whah hahahahaha heheheh!

Not so fast with the ridicule there eh . :)...I have been using "Marvel Mystery Oil" in my fuel since day 1 (and no it doesn't smoke). I know scores of 4 strokers that do. Hell I use it in my Van and in My Jeep as an upper end lubricant for years. Ever tore down an engine that used it? Ford here in Atlanta is still trying to figure out why my 87 F150 engine was like brand new inside then I took it in for a "Un-needed" ring job at 210.000 miles. The said the rings showed almost zero wear and only did a valve job on it. Today I've got 230.000 miles on it and the compression is only off .35 from factory spec. Explain that. :D I'll keep adding 3oz of MMO and 5oz of 108+ octane to every 5 gal can of fuel until I see something dramatic happen....My WR runs like a raped ape. :D

Bonzai... :D

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Hey thats just the way the Ford 302 and 300 6 are man, you could pour cat pee in the tank and still have the cab rust out from under you before the motor quits. I have 150 thou on a stock 86 5.0 mustang and it has had the poo beat out of it all its life. Still runs very strong and no blow by. I have had sevral 302 pick ups, I had an 80 F-150 that I got for $250 that sat for 5 years in a field, I chased all the rodents out of it, fired it up and ran it untill I sold it. It had over 500 K on it. The guy I got it off of used it to go back and fourth From Pa to Florida every other month, Nascar fan. Come to think of it, I used to dump old premix in it if the mix was questionable or old :).

Maybe I can see the point of keeping the upper rings lubed in a conventianl motor, but in a high comp alloy coated thumper? Has ANYONE seen top end damage in a properly oiled YZ / WR ?

Still, that mystery what ever is not 2 stroke oil is it? It sounds like an additive designed for 4 stroke motors.

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