04 WR 450 will not start in gear

I have had the bike a little over 1 year with no problems until now. Electric start only works when in netural. I have checked the conections and all seem good. Any suggestions?

If That Bike Has A Clutch Switch Thats Probably You Problem

I had the same problem with my bike. There is a clutch switch on the clutch lever perch next to where the clutch cable goes in. There are two wires going in. When the clutch lever is pulled in, the contact is made in the switch, thus enabling the bike to start in gear. When the contacts gets dirty or corroded (as mine did) it wont work. I ended up joining the two wires together... problem solved. :cry:

Yeah, I knocked that wire loose once on a streetbike when I washed it. I felt like an idiot when i told the guy I bought it from and he looked over and plugged it back in...

If you have one, it's right on the clutch handle like they said above. :cry:

Thanks it works now that sure beat taking it to the shop. :cry:

search function yay

05 wr 450 will not start in gear

have no wire on the perch only the switch on the crankcase

has done this since day 1 and i put the first mile on it

i did change to yz perch so i could move my hotstart to the right side

i am doing my clutches today and was wondering if there was anything inside i could look for

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