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Taneum Creek Update

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Hey everybody, I just heard from Mikki w/the Cle Elum Rangers. Taneum, both roads and trails, are closed at this time. See below for Mikki's comments.

Hi Drew - Right now the road to taneum and the trails remain closed. We will probably need to start clearing early, so I'll keep you up to date. Meanwhile, let everyone know that while you may be able to ride some lower trails due to lack of snow, they remain closed because of the damage that can happen.... A larger point: if riders ignore the closure, it will give ammo to those who want a permenent seasonal closure in that area.

Please stay off those trails until we get the word that it's okay. That is my favorite riding area and don't want to see any more closures.

Thanx! :cry:

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This is going to be an exercise in discipline.

We will be rewarded with a very extended riding season IF we can wait until it is appropriate to use the trails. Though we may have "fun" with the mud, it will reak havoc on the east-side trails.

We should seriously consider hiking in, and clearing as much trail as we can, during this special time.

Thanks for the information, Drew.


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I stopped at the Wenatchee/Okanagon NF headquarters office today to buy a NW Forest pass and was told pretty much the same thing. If the weather stays warm and the trails dry out some, individual districts will begin clearing early. :cry:

I noticed on the way to Wenatchee today that ORV's had been riding the DOT sand pits at Trinidad. :cry:

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