Hour Meter Install

I bought the Yamaha Hour meter and am a little confused on how to install it. I have mounted it fine but am a little confused on the wiring. From the directions it appears that I don't have to strip any of the wires, is this correct? The other question is how you attach the wire to the spark plug wire. Since the spark plug cap is a plug in type on top of the cap which wire do I wrap it around to make it work :cry: ? Should I wrap it around down by the cap or up higher?

I put one on mine, just wrap the wire around the top part of the cap. 3 or 4 times will do it. Then use a zip tie to tie the wire off. If you have electric start, just turn one the ing. button..the little hour glass should start blinking. It will stop flashing if you don't start the bike. Once you start the bike it will blink till you kill the engine... hope this helps... :cry: smitty

so just wrap it around the cap itself, not the wires?

Yes, wrap around the top of the cap, right below the wires.. :cry: smitty

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