New 450-04 or 05?

I have a little delicate problem. I.m going to bye a new bike now, after my crash 8 months ago. I have had 400 and 426 and now I want a 450. The prices I've got is nearly the same for a new 04 versus 05. 200 USD is the different. I have ride a 04 once and it was so easy to ride compare to the 426. I really loved the power. Would I be sad with the power of a 05??? I'm not gonna bye a new 04 but my question is. Should I go for a new 05 or bye a used 04?? The price different in Sweden is about 1000USD. HELP :cry:

Personally I own a yz450f 04' and love it...haven't heard anything bad about any 05' either but i would find a used 04 that has been hardly riden and save some money. You really can't go wrong either way. :cry:

if you rode an '04 450f and thought it was easy then go with it. alot of people complain about the brutal hit it has. you wont be dissapointed with the '05 though, its just as fast except the hit isn't so hard.

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