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What forks bolt up to a 2004 KLX 125L????

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Instead of buying new springs, I wanted to put KX/RM forks and shock on? I have looked back at a few posts and I have a few questions.

There seem to be more 125 forks available on EBAY, are these easily doable or should I stay with the 100 / 85?

It seems like the KX 100 / 85 and RM 85 are the forks that most people use?

If I go with one of them what parts to I need exactly, I have a 04 KLX 125L.

Can I just get the forks and the triple trees with the stem? Will my wheel, axle and brake all fit? Is this a simple bolt on job?

What are the recommendations for the shock? Can I keep my stock swing arm and just change out my shock? Will this be an easy bolt on job?


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