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vortex throttle install

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I am working on the install tonight. I have had it on and off again. When I took my stock stuff off, my return cable was all freyed really bad. I think that was one think that was slowing my throttle return. I am using the stock cable. First thing I done was cut the little end off the carb end of the cable. I cut the factory elbow off the throttle end, just left 1/2 inch of it. I pulled the ajustment- mounting deal off the carb end of the housing, I then cut 1" off the cable housing at that end, and put the adjuster back on. I made a cable end at work to replace the end that I cut off. The cable slides through it, then there is a 6/32 allen in the end to tighten against the cable to hold it. I remember when I was a kid, you could go to the motorcyle shop and buy just the cable ends. They had a little allen screw in them, just like the one I made. The guys at the shops thought I was nuts :cry: , so I made one. I hope this thing dont get me killed. I put a mark on the throttle tube at 12 oclock. Wide open is just past 11 :cry::cry: I will finish it up tomorrow, then on to the valve check :cry:

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