scratching noise?

I have a yz250 2 stroke and i no this is a 4 stroke site but i thought some of you guys might know. I had the shock rebuild the other day and while i was putting everything back together it all seemed fine. I took it out for a test ride and it all felt good and sounded good. I warmed it up and rode it very easy. About an hour later i start it up again and i hear this kind of scratching noise or like leaking air, and i didnt notice it when it idled but when i revved it slightly or a lot then you could hear it but it wasnt really loud. Its driving me crazy not nowing what it is. Its coming from the engine somewhere , i couldnt pinpoint. Has anyone experienced this on their 2 stroke and did you ever find out what it was? Id appreciate the responses a lot, thanks dave :cry:

Can you tell if it's the clutch side or flywheel side? Or possibly the cylinder area?

I am assuming you removed the subframe and airbox when you removed the shock. Make sure your airboot from the airbox to the carb is tight.

thanks guys, but i found out what it was. I noticed a wet area just above the waterpump. I pulled the water pump cover and theres barely any gasket left so im pretty sure that noise i heard was the leaking of air and coolant from the top of the pump. If this is not it then hopefull it's minor because the bikes only 2 years old and wasnt ridden hard. :cry:

when i had a 2smoke the springs that attatched to the pipe at the cylinder some times vibrated and made afunny noise :cry: HA HA 2smokes

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