Getting the Wr450f Street Legal In Minnesota

HI everyone. I have a 2003 Wr450 and love the bike, but I've ran into a huge roadblock when trying to get it street legal here in Minnesota. I've checked with all the proper authority figures and they tell me that no matter if I have a proper dual sport kit installed along with DOT tires and mirror and legal exhaust, I still cant get it liscensed for street use due to the "certificate of origin" stating it is a off highway vehicle only!! :cry: They said the only way to get it changed is to have the manufacturer (Yamaha) inspect the bike and approve it to meet all federal motorvehicle safety guidelines!! &%$#@! :cry: How am I going to do that?? Any suggestions would be well appreciated, as I love the bike and would really like to be able to ride it to and from work.. Thanks. :cry:

Welcome to the club. We gotz the same type problems here in Kalifornication.

A few ideas:

Use the TT search engine on the subject for your state.

Call a few of the dual sport companies. They are up on all the current regs.

Dale at Trickdualsport helped me out in 2003.

Call the state of Vermont DMV. They will plate an out of state bike by mail. But, thier rules keep changing.

Most important, be patient. Takes alot of it, as I've learned.

There are loopholes. :cry:

Ok sounds good, but it is getting very frustrating as it seem the local people really don't like to help out very much. :cry: Maybe they just hate dirt bikes and don't want to see them driving around on the streets! But thanks again for the info as I will indeed keep trying! :cry:

I was able to plate my 2003 in International Falls, no problems or questions asked. I will call and ask what paperwork they need this week. PM me and maybe I can help.

I'm not sure about your state's laws but I have heared of people registering there bikes in a state that allows it, and even selling the bike to a freind in another state (probbably no monies exchanged) and they sell it back after it has been done. then the dmv will honor the fact that it has allready been done somewhere else..

just a shot in the dark, I don't know if it will help or not.. :cry:

good luck though.. :cry:

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