do you lose all engine braking with a Reckluse

is there any engine braking with a reckluse? on the 03's


yes, you still got gears....just no persay regular clutch. Just like a automatic 4 wheeler

You can adjust how much engine braking you want with the Rekluse

If the clutch is ever disengaged, like on a steep downhill, you simply blip the throttle and the engine will engage.

To add to the rest

the Rekluse can be adjusted in several ways to give back engine braking

1: Stall Speed (aka Idle)

2: Spring Used (Soft or Hard)

3: Spring adjustment

4: Installed gap

5: Installing heavier Bearings

anyone of or a combo of will help in giving you the feel you wish. I am running stock bearings with the heavy spring adjusted up about 1/4 of the way, this will add a little tension. I am also running the stall speed (Idle) at about 1720 rpm.

As Oldnphatt said the simple blip of the throttle brings engine braking on real quick. The fun part of this is using this to setup in corners as well as down hills. I find myself riding the 426 more like a smoker now. Being able to concentrate on setting up a corner and looking for the pivot point.

Rekluse :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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