Need Taller Gearing and More power For WR450

I love the 2003 wr450, but mostly ride dirt roads and minimum maintnance roads and plan on getting it street legal (if I can) but I've noticed that the bike doesn't quite go fast enough for the type of terrain I ride. Do any of you know what size sprokets would give me the extra top end that I need (looking for 10-15mph) without being too hard on any of the other parts (making them wear out faster)? And are there any reasonable cheap mods I could have a dealer do to get some extra ooomppph out of my WR?

I haven't switched out the throttle stop for the YZ one yet and I tried the grey wire mod, but then my bike wouldn't even start! :cry: Pretty sure I had the right wire.

Again any info would be well appreciated. Thanks

A sincere WR Fan :cry:

Change over your throttle stop for a starters, with the wr stop your only getting 3/4 throttle. What speeds do you want to ride at? I only run 14/50 and have had it up to 170kmh, if your looking to ride at that speed for to long save smashing up a perfectly good bike and just shoot yourself. :cry:

I can go about 74mph tops right now and would like to go about 100 tops. that way I can cruise along at 75-80 without being topped out! :cry: Too much speed is never a bad thing :cry:

I haven't switched out the throttle stop for the YZ one yet

You're kidding right? :cry:

Kidding about how fast I want to ride? NO, like I say I ride alot of wide open dirt roads! :cry:

If you really want this kind of speed I would suggest you consider a ralley bike. I just bought a KTM 950 Adventure that will cruise at 100 MPH all day :cry:

I don't want to cruise at 100 all day, but would like it just for the long straight stretches of road.

My stock 04 wr450 with the free mods does the mid to high 80's with all 290 lbs of me on it. I gps'ed it at 82mph, but didnt have it rapped out, so I am guessing I had at least 5mph left in it. Try getting all the "free mods" done, then see if she is fast enough. :cry:

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