TAG METALS glide plate foam, what is it for?

I got a TAG glide plate, and it came with a big hunk of foam... does anyone know what the foam is for?

Goes between the plate and frame/motor to keep mud from packing in there.

Fast reply! Thank you very much....

The darn thing did not come with any instructions, I was gonna put some peanut butter on it and eat the damned thing!

if its anything like the one that came with my works connection , throw it away. dang thing loaded up with mud and oil and god knows but it weighed over 2 lbs when i removed it,hard as a brick! as long as you spray your hose under there after a muddy ride you don't need it.

Thanks Mountainman, It was a bitch to mount, and only protects a little more frame area then the stock WR glide plate! I think I will take it off and order the BRP Skid Plate... :cry:

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