Plastic interchange

I love my '04 WR450, but I hate the look of the rear fender. I don't need a taillight, and that little extra height catches my boot getting off and on sometimes. I took a chance and picked up a new Acerbis rear fender for a YZ450 for $20. Aside from a small portion missing on the pipe side, it is an exact fit. Acerbis even provides an easy way to Dremel out the necessary holes for the overflow tank tubes and its mounts by making them textured. Simply die-grind out the plastic using the textured areas as your template and you're set. The missing piece is of no consequence and lets you take the fender off and on without undoing the pipe. The bike looks way better without the hump and I can keep the stock fender looking new for when it cmes time to sell it. Now if someone could verify that the '04 and '05 left side number plates are interchangeable, as well, I'll be stylin' on my new YWR450F.

I put a YZ rear fender on my 426 also. I think it looks much better than the stocker. :cry: Plus its cheaper than the one with the light.

I used the UFO YZ rear fender, sound just like the one you have. Someone (Digital Soldier, I think) on here told me the YZ side plates will work too, some dremeling required. I hope he was right, cuz I am ordering some soon. :cry:

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