Uncorking Help

I have a 01 650L, and am confussed on exactly where to uncork. Can some one please explain where, and do I have to rejet if I already have the dyno jet in ?. Thanks in advance. NEED MORE SPEED.

It can't be said much better than this:


To these instructions, add removing the airbox snorkel and putting in a foam or K&N air-filter. For a small amount more snot, remove some of the plastic base material of the seat so air can get to the top of the airbox easier.

The only thing different from what I did, was I ground the tab off the bowl instead of the screw.

People may say these mods won't do much with the stock exhaust, but it really does help a great deal- more power, and a lot more driveability.

You can get a little more power by removing the baffle from the stock exhaust- at the exhaust outlet, grind the 2 welds, and remove the 2 bolts.

If you go with an aftermarket muffler, remember to keep it quiet. In the suburbs, keep it stock! Stealth is the key.

With the strock pipe, jet to 55/158 (sea level) and go leaner for more altitude, and go richer if your state runs gasohol (like CT does).


(Dave Closs)

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