99 WR400 horn mounting

Where do you folks mount the horn for your WR400 when you make it street legal? I have a 99 WR400 and it is street legal, but I need to do the inspection on it. It didnt have a horn on it when I got it, so I need to put a horn on it and I am not sure of the best place to mount the horn and the best horn to use? I wil luse a 3.5 inch econo horn for the time being, but would like to get a better permenant mount horn in the future. I am not even sure where to mount the current econo horn.

Any suggestions and info are appreciated.



original position for the horn is in front of the left radiator

under the headlight is the cleanest looking :cry:

Is there a good horn to be used? Small but loud enough? This 3.5 inch one is kinda bulky for under the headlight.




I have a Wr400 2001 model (last of its kind) and the horn i have has 1 threaded bolt on the back and mine originally was mounted on the same bracket that holds the speedo on. Just to the left hand side of it.

I use a 108 dB Piezo buzzer from Radio Shack as my horn.


Model: 273-057

Catalog #: 273-057

Loud as hell

Stands up to almost any abuse including water.

It has a 2-tone sound that reminds me of a special effects noise used for laser pistols from a 50's Sci-Fi movie. I get a kick out of hitting the horn button and simultaneously finger-gunning my riding buds when I pull up next to them. But then again, I'm a nerd.

I have it zip-tied to the Flatland Racing radiator guard on the left side close-in to the frame.

This is what the horn looks like:


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