Fuel line insulation.


I said i raced for many years as an expert not won for many years as an expert! I seem to remember seeing your name as possibly a iron man class winner in some of Casey's races?

Anyway, looking forward to riding with you guys. Please keep me posted. You can email me at hardrockharold@aol.com.


Glenn, I wish I could win at least one of those races, I almost won the US Hare Scambles (ironman am.) but my slide stuck wide open and broke down in 1st place :)

I hope to change my luck at the Las Vegas to Reno race in Sept. Casey Folks is such a great guy. You should try a BITD race sometime. Cheers

Hey Glenn,

You must come out and play sometime. The only downside to this is that you'll just be another old guy kicking my @ss :) That's okay though as I'm getting use to it. Don't worry about any of the horror stories that you may have heard about this group rider, they're all true. You're right about one thing though, it's been pretty warm up this way lately, which is why I started riding in the evenings. Anywho, looking forward to meeting you on one of our future rides.

Peace out


Again, back to the fuel line....I have the Ty Davis, and my gas line melted. Tomorrow I'm going to a specialty shop to get some steel braid insulated fuel line. It's like $4.50 a foot or something. Frankly, I'm happy to spend $10 to insure my bike isn't going to be the kindling that starts a forest fire at my next TCCRA Race!!

...plus, it'll have a small amount of "ooh-aaah" power as well.



'01DRZ-E (FS)

Tex, I too have the Ty Davis Tank, and my fuel line developed a leak and was nearly burned through. I went to the local auto parts store and bought a rubber hose that was labeled "For Fuel Line" which was only about a buck. I routed it high and zip tied to keep it away from the header. The last thing I want to see is my baby burning to the ground.


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