Best place to buy '05 WR450 ?????

I'm looking to buy a new WR450. Anyone purchased from Supposedly new in crate for $5,999 + $200 shipping.



I've never heard a bad thing about them in particular, but it can get sticky with some dealers here in the states if you bring the bike in for service. A lot of dealers are refusing to work on Canadian bikes in an attempt to discourage people from buying them and taking away from U.S. sales. I can wrench at a capable level, but when it comes time to tear into an engine, I prefer to have a certified mechanic do it, just in case something goes wrong. There wasn't one shop, Yamaha, Honda, or independent, in Reno that would touch a Canadian bike, so I went with a dealer out of Oklahoma, which cost me an extra $250 for a total of $6450 out the door. Their price was the cheapest I found, and in the grand scheme of things, the extra cost was nothing compared to the hassle I could be facing down the road. If you want to go the way I did, call Wendy Coordsen and Altus Motorsports, 1-888-477-1500, and tell her I referred you...SC

Hello, this is my first post allthough I have been reading these great threads for many months. I bought my 05 wr450 one month ago. I did all the free mods, JD kit, Lowedog kit, zipty fuel screw, and this bike hauls a$$. Getting back to your subject, the best deal I could find was in Corinth Mississippi. It is called Lake Hill Motors. Its a volume cash dealer and does not ship bikes, you have to pick it up. The price was $5699.99 out the door, no other fees attached. I hope this helps, its another option anyway. good luck, or if you have any more questions e-mail me. Later Joe.

Hey guys, thanks for the info. I decided to buy from Larry at Lake Hills Motors. I'm down in Austin so it's a bit of a drive, but I'm always up for a road trip. Especially if there's a new 450 at the end of it!!



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