Funny Bike Sales Guy Story

So I decided 3 weeks ago to go buy a dirtbike - went into a dealer to get some information. The dealer pushed hard to get me into a DRZ - but I wandered over to look at the WR. I have not looked at at bikes for years so I asked about the little lever (hot starter lever) near the clutch. He paused for a minute and said its an extra rear break. I thought hmm this is strange - so I tried it - which obviously did nothing - he explained that it needed adjustment. He also told me that the WR had 4 gears. So if I was a complete idiott two tragedies could have occured: I could have bought the DRZ and I could have killed my self trying to use the rear hand brake :cry: I didn't buy the bike from there but maybe I should've he might have priced it incorrectly to my favor.

Sounds like he's ready for a management position :cry: I work in IT sales and the runniing joke is "Q. What's the difference between a salesman and a tech support rep? A. The salesman doesn't know when he's lying" :cry:

The guy was an idiot but don't knock the DRZ. It's still an excellent trail bike. Especially if you haven't been on a bike in years. The power is much more forgiving and it's much quieter even with the baffle removed. I have a 02 DRZ and a 04 WR. They both work well for what they were designed for. The one main gripe I had with the DRZ is that it did not come with the button AND the kicker. :cry: You have to add the kick mechanism after if you want it as well. This makes it impossible to start if the battery dies. Otherwise it's still an excellent bike. :cry:

Good to hear that the DRZ is a good bike - my friend just bought a new 2002 400 - are there similar mods to improve the performance as with the WR? I always have to dig at it a little to give my friend a hard time. :cry:

Just open it up and let it breathe. It's pretty restricted stock. Take out the inner baffle in the can and open up the air box. I also cut the backfire screen out of the air filter cage. That will give you 50% more airflow. If he can get an aftermarket exhaust it would be a HUGE help. I ran a Big Gun system on mine while racing. Get the quiet core though for trail riding. Get the adjustable fuel screw too. It's a big help for fine tuning.

When I bought my bike I had it narrowed down to the WR and an XR 400. The Honda salesman told me it was a decompression lever. The lack of knowledge overall at the Honda dealership is what led me the Yamaha dealership where I was way more comfortable with the sales and service staff. :cry:

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