Punctures on the trail?

Slime sealant :) Put it in ahead of time and you may never realize you've even punctured. It fills and seals in a split second on a moving wheel. Only downside is it runs to one side when the bike is parked so you get a couple of seconds of out of balance wobble before it spreads around the tube again.


I was wondering when someone would mention Slime! I know this is about fixing a flat on the trail, but I'm lazy - I'd rather not have to change it at all! I rode my XR out of the woods, down the side of the road, and back onto the trail after losing the front in a creek. Rode about 6 miles on a flat front. Put a new tube in it at home with no effect on the tire. Well, I'm sure there was damage, but hey - if it's round, rubber and holds the inner tube in, works for me!

My first experience with Slime came at a hare scrambles. Pulled the bike off the truck with a flat front. I really needed that tire (I had 2 sets of wheels mounted with an intermediate and a sand/mud set of tires) and I didn't feel like changing a tube right before the sighting lap. The folks camping next to me suggested I hit the parts trailer and get some Slime, as it was a slow leak - well, slow enough to hold air long enough to watch it deflate. I put about 4 oz. in, rolled the bike around, aired the tire up and have YET to lose air in that tire. I will definitely use it before I race this season.

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