Whats the best way to revive an old chain?

I'm putting my dirt wheels with a larger sprocket back on my xr6. The problem is that the longer chain that goes with it, looks pretty warn and crusty. Is their any way to revive the old chain (ie. cleaning and re-lubing), or do i have to get a new one?

thanks :cry:

As bad as you make it sound I'd get a new one ,With new sprockets :cry:

sprockets look like their in nice condition.........any idea of how much a new chain cost, or any suggestions for brand......also what kind of lube and or cleaner do you guys use to maintain your chain?

If you really want to know the condition of your old chain, then stretch it out flat, or hang it from the ceiling and hang a weight on the other end to pull all the link slop out as far as it will go and measure the length. There are new specifications and service limits in most owners and service manuals. You may have to scale the numbers by the number of links you have if it isn't the same as the stock length chain.

Buy an o-ring chain they last much longer than a standard chain, if you buy a new chain buy new sprockets also.

Throw it away,give it to the kid down the street,use it for an art project.I like RK O ring chains.When you are out in the middle of nowhere it's the last thing you want to worry about.

There is no way to revive an old chain. Period.

Check for actual wear by trying to pull the chain away from the rear sprocket where it faces directly to the rear. If you can pull the links away (crud and rust stopping it from bending doesn't count in the test!) then the chain is ready for replacement. If the rollers are really sloppy, then there is another sign it is ready for launching into the neighbors back yard.

NEVER replace just a chain and not the sprockets. Both wear as a set, and replacing only one will make things rapidly wear to try and match each other.

Worried about cost? Don't. Money is no object if you think of two things. The LH case of an XR650R lists at 390 bucks, not including labor costs. That'll be the least of your worries when the chain breaks and wraps around the rear sprocket while you're bombing whoops in 5th gear.

Get a good X-ring chain and high quality sprockets, such as Renthal, Sunstar, or oem. Avoid Moose. Their tolerance on the countershaft SUCKS and will accelerate spline wear.

Done preaching,


just FYI you cant replace only one case on the 650R....you have to by a matched pair. then you have to apply to Honda to have your bikes number stamped on the case....this takes 4-6 weeks. if you ever do need new cases, make sure you specify the year--as different years have different thicknesses in the cases...

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