14.5 or 15:1 CR?

i was wondering if there are any companies out there(wiseco, etc.) that sell pistons with as high as like 14.5 or 15:1 compression ratio.

Why? :cry:

Why? :cry:

He's going to run diesel! :cry:

So he'll have to wait for the glow plug to warm up every time it stalls or he crashes out. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Or make a BOMB!!!!!! :cry:

you might try rick peterson of rpms in a conversation with him not long ago he stated they were testing ratio's up to 17:1 in his 315 stroker motors. ya i asked if they ran on deisel also but apparantly with correct cam timing it works?

I hope you plan on running alcohol, even then the motor wont rev out very well but it will be a great hill climb motor.

i was just curious because if a 13.5:1 piston makes a little more power than i dont see why an even higher one would make even more power with a proper tune, timing, and the right fuel(and maybe a custom grind cam). i didnt think that was too extreme. :cry: sorry for asking a stupid question.

How much MORE power does the mortal man NEED to be happy. I already have longer arms now because of the stock power from my 426, .... SHEESH you are an animal. :cry::cry:

Stop asking stupid questions on TT.

Thats my job!

The stupidest question of all is the one that isn't asked.

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