Piston choice's for a WR 450 '03'

Anyone changed the piston on their WR 450?

Found a big crack in mine yesterday so looking for a replacement, Probally something other than the stock cast piston.

The bore looks sweet, can still see the original hone marks, Is it worth giving it a new hone or should i leave the factory original job alone?

"Found a big crack" please elaborate.


Inquireing minds want to know!

'big crack' straight across the top from one side to the other. goes all the way through to the underside.

Runs in line with the piston pin, was lucky it held together and didnt cause any more mess :cry:

How many Kms has your Wr done? Where in Oz are from?

Bike has done about 3,000k's. All off road work and has done one finke desert race which is pretty hard on them.

Still is a bit odd, my brother has a 2000 wr 400 and it had done 10 times the work my 450 has and has never missed a beat.

Live up in Darwin at the moment.

Try giving Falicon Cranks a call. They offer a 490cc bore I think and maybe even a 500cc bore kit for a YZ or a WR. www.faliconcranks.com

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