DP'ing a WR...electrical system OK?

The old TT format had a very thorough listing of all free mods and loads of information for the WR's, and if it is still around please post a link and I will go there.

Anyway, I want to plate a WR 450 and know very little about its wiring. Can the existing harness and stator support a DOT light (with low and high beams), as well as turn signals? My last DP (dual purpose) was a DRZ S so it had everything I needed but lacked performance. I am in unchartered territory here so I thought I would post up. :cry:


i'm looking for the same information but for a wr400, if anyone could point me in the direction of some diagrams/instructions. looking to wire up turn signals using stock electrical system. thanks!

Hey Guys,

I suggest speaking with Dale at Trick Dual Sports. He will answer all of your questions.

You will at the very least need a new harness. The stock one will work but will need modifications to do so. The stocker can support headlight, tail light, but not the blinkers, brake switch, turn signals, high/low beam or horn.

I ride WR426 and can tell you without a doubt, the stator is more than powerful enough to run my kit.

See Trickdualsport here:


Ask for Dale :)


Ditto! Go with the Trick Dual Sport! :) It is a first class design with all you need in a very well engineered package! Don't even consider other brands they either get it wrong ( Baja Designs) or are inferior! :)

You won't have any trouble at all with your 450, it will be even better than my 426 as your 450 has a battery which acts as a big capacitor. my light goeas dim at idle, but comes to life with any sort of rpm, baja designs has a quick release kit for the 450, not sure what its like, but its out there.

baja designs has a quick release kit for the 450, not sure what its like, but its out there.


I dont know why people insist on recommending Baja Designs after all the documented horror stories all over TT. :)

It is quick release so you can toss it in the trash! :o

Trick dual sport can be installed permanently or can be removed and turned back into stock set up in about 15 minutes. :lame:

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