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Cycle News interview of MV Agusta CEO

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I just typed out several Long quotes from the interview....all which had great insight to Our Huskys and the future of the company .all very positive, but I used the TT spell check on my post and the DAMN Internet Explorer Crash sign came up and I loss all that typing..I'm PISSED!

maybe when I calm down I'll post some quotes here are some paraphased quotes:

"..production 12,000 units last year, 15,000 units this year, 20,000 taget growth..we want to keep quality up." :devil:

engines have been revised (improved) along with styling..." :cry:

we will shortly introduce new Husqvarna models ....that will reloutionize the entire dirt bike concept....wait and see" :cry:

"reliability is now become one of the marques great strengths........." :cry:

yada yada great interview catch it if you can......Damn IE software crashes suck :cry: HUSKY RULES!!! :cry:

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