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crf goodies...

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I have a crf450 '02. I bought some goodies for it during the 14months I had it.

I got a '04 crf today on ebay.

Right.. I wanna take the following items off my '02 and install on '04:

1) WER steering damper.

2) Powerblade (I think that what it's called - the thing on the carb.)

3) Rear Excel wheel.

4) ASV brake and clutch levers.

I'm almost sure they will all fit, but incase I'm wrong - can anyone see any possible compatibility problems with that? I'm uncertain about the carb on the '04 anyone know if it's the same as the '02 ?


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D2 did the suspension. I don't know much about them, but have seen that they do work on a lot of english bikes. The bike is mostly standard apart from suspension upgrades. Add says "new o ring chain, new sprockets + renthal bars".

I payed the eqivalent of $5,167.83 or €4000. That might seem a lot by american standards.. but you's guys have it real good when it comes to buying secondhand bikes. If i was to buy that bike here in Ireland I'd have to pay about 5400-5700 euro. Look at www.buyandsell.ie (an Irish magazine for secondhand items) Do a search for crf and also yz. I think I saw a 04' yzf in there today for nearly €6000.

On a positive note.. I've got a full spares kit. European spares kits on jap bikes are better then american for some reason. I've got a piston + a few set of rings plus head gaskets and stuff.

I'll kill myself on this thing or die trying :cry:

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