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Today's Georgetown Cabin Fever Ride (2/5)

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There were a bunch of us up at GT today, and you could tell that NorCal has a lot of riders with cabin fever, because even though the Mace Mill and Darling Ridge loops are all that are open, there were a ton of people up there. :cry:

Our bunch included me, superslyko, Slider69, Dominic_WTF, DirtHoser, PeakRider, DanYZ250F, two guys I work with, Aaron and Rob, Aaron's dad, and Rob's son. We split into two groups, me with the bunch from my work, and all the other TTers rode together. We went around the Mace Mill loop to the connector to Darling Ridge, rode the Darling Ridge loop, and didn't really see much traffic on the trails. Coming back from Darling Ridge we started seeing more and more riders though. Once back on the Mace Mill loop my group went around to Trail 1 down to Rock Creek Rd, and back up Trail 3-1 to the staging area. Man I'll tell you, we must have seen 20+ riders going down 3-1 while we were going up. Once back at the trucks it looked like most of the TTers had left, but after a while superslyko, PeakRider, and DirtHoser came riding in. We went out for another loop arond Mace Mill, in the opposite direction, before calling it a day. I showed a little under 35 miles for the day. Excellent conditions, blue sunny skies, no breakdowns, no injuries or head-ons, just a bunch of big smiles and muddy bikes. :cry:

Thanks everyone for showing up, wish I could have done some riding with some of you guys, maybe next time. :cry:

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