XR650R Scotts Damper & Speedo Solution needed


I have the BRP with Scotts Damper & original odometer.. I want to put a speedo on for mileage / and speeds whilst D/Sportin'. The Scotts Damper is using the oil filler plug (and that has to be changed in my mind). I want a back lit Speedo which will use the stock speedo cable & I want at the same time to reverse the Scotts Damper so I can check oil easier than getting an allen key every time I want to check the oil.

I am sure that I am not the first BRP owner to come across this problem but surely someone should have figured this out real good by now..

Please let me know your thoughts.. Photos are always helpful :cry:

Thanks in advance

John Mc

well i dont have a scotts but this is what i did to mine ?action=view&current=file10.jpg hope this helps :cry:

On my BRP, I have a front mounted Scotts stabilizer and also use the analog speedo from Baja Designs (I think it is an Emgo) It uses the stock speedo cable. I have the speedo mounted over the right fork tube between the bars and the front plate. It works very well for me.

Im cheep.

For $75 you can get a good bicycle spedometer that will tell you everything you need to know.

as for the stearing damper, i would consider getting the tripple clamp mounted damper. Im cheep, but not that cheep.


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