2005 WR 450f leaking gas from carb

i turned on the gas to go riding and gas just started leaking from the over flow tubes this bike has Never been on its side and so i started it and it ran and stoped leaking but the header was RED hot so it is still under warenty and only has 39 miles on what should i do?

is still under warenty and only has 39 miles on what should i do?

Take it to the dealer, if it's under warranty. But it might be an easy fix.

I had this exact problem on my 2004 WR450F one day, about my 4th or 5th real ride (more than a couple miles).

I filled up at the gas station (dualsported bike) and it was ok, started riding up this mountain trail with a buddy. We stopped to check our map, and I smelled gas. He was pointing under my bike, it it was just pissing gas like there was no tomarrow.

I managed to ride it home, got about 5 miles to a gallon (because it was just dumping gas so fast). Obviously, a problem with the float, so I thought.

We tore the carb out in the garage, and looked inside. It looked fine. We pulled the float out, played with it. Couldn't find anything, but it was clearly the float was sticking or not floating, or the needle wasn't seating.

Like I said, I couldn't find anything wrong. We put it back together, and the problem was gone. My best guess is that something passed through the gas that was just bad enough to stick that needle up. But somehow, it got dislogged and went away?

Bottom line, pull out your carb, and open it up, and look around. Might want to get a set of jets first, because it will be the perfect time to change them!

Sounds to me like your float may have been stuck. If the gas stopped overflowing you should be fine.

These bike do not like to idle and the header getting red hot is normal under low speed or idling.

ocasionally I receive the samo problem with my oldy 99 400

it pisses under like a dog

first, I thought it was the incorrect float level, because it actually was, and when i fixed it, the leaking as gone, but it returned, so I believe there could be a twice a year problem in the float mechanism, dirt, sticking??

I agree with Blue one, I'm sure that the float valve is just stuck a little, all it takes is one little piece of dirt to cause that to happen. I've actually bang'd on the carb with my fist to make that stop. It's not a big deal, the float is there to shut off the flow of gas when it gets too high in the bowl. Something's in the way, clean it out, no real need to have the dealer do it..

My '02 does this also. Yesterday I took off the carb, tore it apart, cleaned everything up and put it back together. What I noticed when I took the float bowl off was the float was hanging up a bit before I cleaned it. I used some spray carb cleaner on it and everywhere else and now it moves freely.

Since your bike is brand new, take it back to the dealer and have them fix it unless you're wanting to learn how to do it yourself.

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