great deal on white brothers alum race exh

Hey just thought i would let u all know that has new white brothers aluminum race series exhausts, complete with titanium headpipe for 350. This is a smokin deal. List is 695 Mine is already on the way.I got mine for my 2005 yz450f.

that is a great price - is this for the brand new model with the different endcap or last year model?

That is a deal for one of the best aftermarket exhaust available for the YZF & CRF :cry:

Better check it. The last time I looked, that was for the old R4. It's a good value, but not the best pipe you can get, and those were um, what's the word, LOUD

I was just there and could not find any full systems with a Ti header for $350. :cry:

Hey thanks for the heads up I just purchased mine this evening. Quick question is will the "high mount" header interefere with my Ims 3.2 gal tank? Second question anybody know the jetting specs for running this pipe? :)

Great deal.. :)

WB is my favorit WROAA pipe.. :)

I have 2 YZ426F, one with DR.D and one with WB.. When you start it everybody stop up and turn their head. It really sounds AWESOME!! DR.D is better for my riding style though, excelent low rpm power and response..

Put on my White Bros. Race E-series this evening. Man that thing sounds sweet took the bike out on the street it seemed to run strong on the stock jetting. My only problem is that I have to blip the throttle to start it. Im planning on richening up the fuel screw this weekend when I have time to pull my tank and play with the carb.

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