lowedog ais removal kit

the lowedog ais removal kit is a must. i removed my ais this weekend and use his plugs. it says one to two hours, but i had mine done in under a hour, and i am not a very good wrench. what a difference. just the look alone. plugs look like they came from the factory. thanks a lot lowedog!!!!

I too had a great time putting in the "SmogDog" kit on my 05. Mark did a great job with his directions, everything he said made complete sence. It's all about taking your time.. It tops my list as the best mod made to my bike. :cry:

I'll second (make that third) the AIS kit. I just put mine in last night and am totally happy with it. Even though from what I've heard it isn't really supposed to increase performance, it seemes like my bike reved a little smoother after installing it. And of course it took care of almost all of the backfiring issues. Just a insignificant pop when I let off the throttle, kind of what you would expect on any bike. The instructions were all very straight forward and I don't think it was any more difficult than any of the other 450 mods. The only slightly tricky steps were getting the exhaust fitting off and installing the air intake boot plug. A little effort was all that was required though. And like moach1 said, it really improves the aesthetics of the bike and cleans up that whole right side of the engine not to mention making access easier to certain areas such as adjusting the rear shock. Thanks lowedog.


Ya same here. The plugs fit perfect and it's great to have all that crap out of the way. It took me longer to put the plug in the rubber intake boot then to remove the AIS and put in the engine plugs. Dropped it once and it got lodged in the frame somewhere. Took me ten minutes to find it.

Now I have room for that large capacity tank.

Thanks Lowedog :cry:

Thanks for the compliments guys. :cry:

If any one has taken any pics of their installation process I could use them for my instruction sheet. Unfortunately I didn't think of it till afterwards on my buddy's bike.


Thanks for the compliments guys. :cry:

If any one has taken any pics of their installation process I could use them for my instruction sheet. Unfortunately I didn't think of it till afterwards on my buddy's bike.



I'll take some when i install it and email them to you. :cry:

Can you post the pics for all - they are a great reference

I'll put this back up since it was lost yeserday.

Here's a pic of how I moved the battery wires out of the way to get to the top of the airboot.


The pic is from my '03 but still shows the raised boss that the plastic plug is installed into on the '05


Hey Lowedog how can I get one of those kits?

Hey Lowedog how can I get one of those kits?

Ask me, I already bought one fool! :)

Ask me, I already bought one fool! :)

I just bought my son an 05 WR450F Ca. version with AIS. Only mods before the first 160 miles were the snorkle removal, removal of the pea shooter at the end of the exhaust (with the end cap put back on), and the dealer told me to remove the throttle stop. I took it out, cut it off at the threads and put it back in. Unfortunately, I never rode it completely stock so I have no way to tell if it is better or worse. I did ride it (stock) up and down the driveway enough to know that it sputtered and backfired when letting off on the throtle. This is my first visit to this site and it looks like I will need to get the AIS removal kit to make it run in an accepatable manner. Can you please provide me information on how to purchase the removal kit (phone or e-mail address). I see that people are buying these but there does not seem to be any contact information.

When the removal is completed, will the bike run well in stock form or should I leave out the snorkle and pea shooter. I would prefer to keep the stock exhaust as I would like to keep the noise down. Lastly, Will the jetting need to be fattened up (recommendations please for Ca. sea level) or will a fuel screw adjustment suffice.

How can I get my hands on one ot these AIS removal kits in a hurry.

I have an 02 model wr426, I don't think they have the ais, do they?

I'm wondering the same thing, I have a 01 426

Only the California 05's have the AIS. This gizmo allows for the bike to be green stickered by passing an emissions standard. It burns unused fuel through the exhaust. You need not worry of such things on your 01 426.

Unfortunately we all must kowtow to the CARB demon this year. All of the US spec WR450s have AIS for 2005. I just installed the Lowedog kit on mine and it is a pretty slick deal. The front plug is a bit of a chore and would only be easy if you removed the right radiator and the front end...<G> Or even easier with the motor on the bench....Seriously though; it's just a matter of finding the right (long) drift to drive the plug in straight. The airboot plug is really easy if you remove the airfilter and the electrical tray. I heated the boot (gently) with a blow dryer then supported the boot with a finger from the inside and the plug slides right in....Like butter baby!

Thanks Mark,


ok, so where do you get this kit?

ok, so where do you get this kit?

Thumpertalk store. :applause:

cant find it, whats it called?

crap... nevermind, i'm a dillhole!

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