Greasing suspension


How much time should I expected to spend on lubing my suspension linkage on a 99 dub-r 400? Any special tools needed? Tips? What sort of damage should I be looking for? I'm sort of scared of what I might find. Every time I say I'm going to tackle this I just go ride! :)

Count on an hour for the front end (front wheel and headset). Take off the wheel, then the forks first-you're job will be much easier and safer.

Then about 3 hours for the rear end, linkage, swingarm, etc. That includes cleaning areas around the linkage, the chain and behind the countershaft cover real well since you have it off anyway. It also includes washing the bearings themselves in solvent.

The first time it's a slow process, the next time it's much quicker. Have your manual handy to see which way the bolts/washers go and what torque specs to use. Use loctite on the bottom shock mount, they do tend to come loose.

While you've got the beast apart, you may as well do things like bleed the brakes, sharpen the footpegs, and clean the carb!

I greased the bike before ever riding it brand new. Glad I did! After a year, really everything looked pretty darn good except the top steering head bearings were in terrible shape. I'm guessing the Scotts damper mount tend to funnel water into the bearing, but that's a guess. The bottom steering head bearing was perfect, go figure.

If you haven't done this yet, please do yourself a favor and get it done. When these things seize up, you're looking at a few hundred bucks worth of bearings, seals, and races. Not to mention a busted knuckle or two from getting the old races out!

I hope you don't see a bunch of rusted parts! Good luck!

It,s not a bad job at all. a little time consuming.As far as your steering head bearings go, tap a grease zert into the side of the head and fill the cavity with high temp grease a little will ooze out after each ride but you dont have to worry bout those anymore! Pump a little grease in there every few rides and push out any water,Wah Lah! Adjustment is all thats req. from time to time.

Wah Lah! Actually this should be "Voilà" ( here it is )I should know. I'm french. :)

This is the link (if it works) to the 250F side for greasing suspension. I posted the complete step by step instructions given to me by a friend. It was written for a beginner so just keep that in mind if it is beneath your abilities. :)

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