Flickering Red Light

I have a problem with my WR450F 2004. I forgot to turn of the ignition button 10 days ago and yesterday my bike didn´t want to start. Even with kick starter after I started from a hill (easy) the bike didn´t seem to run well. Just of idle the 1/8 of the accelerator the bike faltered. It seemed to me some carburator problem, although I had put fresh gas in it and the carburator was cleaned 3 weeks ago (when I put in a ZIP TY screw) and everything worked well thereafter. My bike responsed well once I went through the 2000 rpm zone and revs normally up. I noticed an odd thing, when the bike is struggling through the 2000 rpm zone, the red ignition button light flickers with the same frequency as the bike falters. This made me believe there could be someting else wrong. Yesterdy I drove all day, but the bike died 10 times and I had to start it pushing (once it runs it runs normally idle) also the e-start did not give a single signal. I tried to see if the start engine was working with the bike running in neutral, as it would receive power from the engine, but also nothing. What is wrong with my bike? What should I do? :cry:

I would put a good charge on the battery with a charger (Slow/Trickle would be best for several hours). Maybe even replace it if it still gives you trouble. If I am not mistaken, the red light is telling you that you may have insufficient charge to carry all circuits. Hope this helps.


remove the battery and see if the bike runs correctly. be sure to secure the wires so they don't touch the frame (at least the red one). if it doesn't, you know your problem is somewhere else. if it runs better, put the battery on a trickle charger or replace. it seems like alot of us leave the button on but the battery comes back pretty quick.

Charge the battery and you are fine, I do not think there is another problem with your bike.

If charging the battery does not work, try to disconnect or byass the on/off switch. Just a thought.

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