Michelin Mousse

Who has used?

I know they are not good for Baja Speeds, But what about basic desert racing?

Thanks for any input

For the XR 600-650, front use is ok for Baja and desert speeds. I've used them on our different Baja bikes since 92 with great success. 250's use them front and rear in Baja, but open bikes, just front. Tech tube inserts with HD tube and tire combo and slime works great for rear anywhere. Steny

ditto all that....

just to add--running mouse is like running maybe 8-10psi...so in the front in the sand its not the greatest...plus you can dent your rims a lot easier in the rocks.

all in all the verdict is still out when it comes to mousse IMHO. but they are worth trying.

getting them on is not nearly as difficult as everyone says...

You also might consider tire balls. I know they are more expensive, but they hold up longer than Moose (several tires worth to be exact). We ran last years Baja 500 on a Yamaha Raptor using them, carbon fiber wheels and Razor tires with out one problem for 465 miles. In fact, 9 months later they are still going strong. I know it is a quad, but our team hit a lot of BFR's on the course plus two complete endos by one rider and no tire failures at all.

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