Blown 3rd Gear

A buddie of mine lost his 3rd gear yesterday on a 2001 WR 426. Anyone else have gears go out on them? If so what did you find wrong when you opened her up? He's pulling the motor tomorrow. A buddie of his (2001 WR 426) lost his 2nd gear a few weeks ago also.

thanks dp

I had 3 and 4 go on my 2000 Wr400. Things wear out and with gears its usually the ones we ride in the most. I had 4 years of hard racing and trail riding. With the cases split its a good time to do preventative maintence.

My valves where fine and I threw new rings on for good measure and the piston was fine too. Also replaced main bearing etc

Sounds like he rounded off the dogs on the back of one of the gears. I did this to my 98 400. Maybe it was me but it seemed like you had to really make sure you shifted each gear on that bike. My 03 WR450 works much better. :cry:

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