IMS Tank For '05 WR- Anyone Installed One Yet?

I just got the 3.4 Gallon tank for my '05 WR from IMS and was wondering if anyone has installed one yet? I'm a little worried about the fuel lines that come off the bottom of the tank that you have to route thru the motor. It looks like the potential is there for one of these fuel lines to brush up against a hot part of the motor and catch fire. The IMS tank I used on my old XR 650 just had one fuel line that went from the petcock to the carb and it was a much cleaner install. Does anyone know if the Acerbis, ZipTy, or Clarke tanks also use this multiple fuel line set up? :cry:

I just ordered one to day keep us posted I mite return it if it dos not work I have one on my ktm and it worked great :cry: and yes seabass I am fish from the D37 board

I installed my tank last night and it worked out OK. You have to hook up the right and left side of the bottom of the tank with a hose and 90 degree fittings that are supplied. Ya just gotta thread this hose away from the exhaust pipe/ valve covers. Other than that it's a real sweet tank! :cry:

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