Stator rewind required for dual sport kit?

Do you have to rewind the stator for the Trick dual sport kit on a 03 and newer WR450? I will be running signal lights and a horn. I know you have to rewind the stator on the older WR's ('02 and older), but what about the electric start ones? Is it just a plug-in setup? Thanks in advance...

No, If you truely are using one of Dale's kits, just mount the kit and hook the ride wire to the positive side of the battery and the black one to the negitive side and you should be good to go. Thats how it worked on my 03 wr 450 so it should be the same on yours. :cry:


Just plug it in! I have the Trick Dual Sport kit on my 2003 WR450! No problems! :cry:

awesome, I guess i'll be buying a 03+ WR450. Thanks!

With the TDS kit, I ran into a issue when running the headlight for over 2 hours. The 35 watt UFO headlight continuously ON was slowly draining the battery since the entire kit is hooked up to the WR's "DC" circuit. I simply took headlight out of the "DC" circuit and hooked it back up to the "AC" circuit from which it came. (refer to manual) Been fine ever since, even when running 55 watts of lighting on the AC circuit.

If you do not run much at night, you won't notice this. Took me over a year before discovering it during a night time DS event.

Dales kit IS the best on the market, hands down.....IMHO :cry:

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