H.I.D. for 650L?

anyone install 1 on their L? :cry: what's involved in the conversion? any mods needed to be done to retrofit the HID (ballast, etc)?


I also, would be curious about this. I was just doing a search to see if it had been asked already. I will be commuting in the dark with mine... HID lamp? entire headlight replacement? possibly a dual headlight setup? but MUST be DOT approved...

How large of a light wattage/output can i put in the stock housing without turning into a molten puddle of goo in my driveway?

I am working on an 80/100 watt single lens 8" setup with an H4 bulb in a baja fork mount. I have been using the 80/100 setup for a month now, without any issues.

There's a fellow on yahoo XRLUG who's gone HID.

Or was that on 4strokes?


I'm sorry I wasn't able to give details, my time on the computer is limited. The HID sytem was proto-typed from a used auto unit off of ebay. I used the stock XRL lamp housing with a homemade aluminum adaptor for inserting the bulb. It consumes about 35 watts. The stock wiring can be safely used. It is better than the stock light, but I think a differant lamp housing shape, could make the light pattern better. No high beam. My original intention was to have two lights, one high beam, one low beam. The igniter box is a little large. I mounted it to the top of the headlight plastic fairing, with bolts.

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