650L oil temp?

What is the normal opperating temp for a 650L? I checked the manual and did not come across the info there so, I have come here. I am buying a oil temp dipstick to see how hot it runs, but hot, is to hot? I may be taking the bike through the eastern Oregon desert in the summer and would like to know.

The L will run between 225 and 300 depending on outside temp, oil quality, and work on the engine. Stock mine would get to 300 really fast, but after the re-jet, AMSOIL, and a new pipe, it barely ever gets to 275. That is only after following my daughter around Ocotillo for a couple of hours. Its runs at 230 most of the time.

Even in hot Houston summer mine averages 225 and maxes out at about 260. I am not sure how accurate those dipsticks are though. But it will show trends and the consistency of the temps.


Mine runs about 250 on an average day. When it's really hot 275 or so. Over 300 and you're about to have a problem.

:cry: Thanks guys, I really appresate the responce. I asked a friend at work and got the "Your bikes air cooled, it will never over heat" responce. (Of course he goes through bikes quickly.) Yes, the carb is modified. Is there any truth to the rumor that someone makes black ceramic tape? The next question is does it really help? I heard that it's pretty spendy.

The ceramic tape is kind of a tan color. After you wrap the pipe you paint it whatever color you want. As far to its performance it did very little for the bike, but a TON for the rider. You don't have that little furnace right under your leg on hot summer days. :cry:

I have the Thermo-Tec black graphite tape on the WB header on my XR650L (just re-did it Sunday), and also gave it two coats of the black high heat coating from Thermo-Tec. I previously had the regular tan-colored stuff with the silver high heat coating. It lasted about a year and 15,000 miles before it was all tattered and nasty.

It does provide a slight HP gain (with jetting compensation), but the major advantage is that it protects your leg from the heat and also helps to keep the header heat from feeding back to the cylinder.

Good prices on the stuff (get the 1" x 50' roll) from Jegs

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