05 WR450 and Cyrca Pro-Bends?

I have an 05 WR450 with the stock Rethnal Alum bars. I bought the Cyrca Pro Bends that bar mount, and they don't fit. At least thats how it seems - like there isn't enough space on the bars for the mounts, switches, etc. Has anyone else tried this? Or is everyone using the triple-clamp Cyrca's on their 05 WR450s?

I've never installed this stuff before, so I probably ordered the wrong parts. If I need the triple clamp mounts, is there anything else I need to change as well?

What about cutting the throttle tube and the hand grips? Any advice is greately welcomed.

I'm not sure if this will help but I use the Cyrcra Probends on my '05 WR250F but I use YZ85 bars (they are even smaller) It all fits just fine. I use the triple clamp mounts.

I had to drill a hole in the Probends where they mount to the tc mounts. The Probends are too long with the narrow bars so drilling the hole made it work fine.

I have all the stock stuff on the handlebars and it fits fine. :cry:

Go to BRP's webpage (www.brpit.com) and look for the mounts they sell. I've got the Cycra's on my 05 WR 450 and they worked out fine. The mounts they sell clamp to the handlebars but have a "U" shaped off set that goes around all the cables, etc. If you go this route order the longer clamps that have a deeper "U" in them. Good luck

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