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Let the Good Times Roll-on what kinda rubber?

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Alright my dad picked up a cheap 1992 Yami XT350 the other day, we rode it today. By the way this thing was $1800. All stock, had armor all about an inch thick all over it, and was the cleanest bike I had ever seen, not to mention it only had 1991 miles on it.

So I rode it all day today, cause had problems with my KX (one of those things), and both me and my dad agree. These dual-purpose tires just dont cut it. They are ok, but sliding out of a second gear corner with no throttle is a little much. It gets squirrely way too easily. Were not planning on putting plate on it, at least not til I turn 16 in a few years, so the new tires wouldnt have to be DOT approved. What do yll think is a good, fairly cheap off road knobbie? :cry:

Thanks for your help. :cry:

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