Cheapest High volume radiators

Hey Everybody,

Where is the cheapest place to get high volume radiators for our pigs? I have a 2001 Xr650r. I found them for 359.99 at Rocky Mountian. Are these the bigger radiators or the same as stock? Here is the link for the radiators:

Thanks for the replies. Tony

IMS Fluidyne click here: :cry:

Fluidyne radiators are the best! Way better then stock.....bigger, stronger and the less then the ceapest place you can buy new stock radiators. You found the best price!

All About the XR650R click here: :cry:

I just installed a set of the Fluidyne (IMS) radiators. They sure seem more stout than the stockers and were MUCH cheaper. IMS claims the Fluidynes hold 50% more coolant than the stockers. One thing though; I also installed a 4.3 gallon Clarke tank and it wouldn't fit with the Fluidyne radiators. I had to heat and modify the tank.

I put a philips screw driver in the cross over tubes of my fluidynes and moved the tubes down and in (in the direction of the frame) and it fit fine. You need to do this with all the after market tanks if you don't want a cut cross over tube. If you take a hit hard enough the tank hits the end of the tube and cuts the cross over hose.

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