Top-end on XR600-does motor come out of frame

I'm planning on doing my first four stroke top end job on my 92 XR600R. Does the motor have to come out of the frame?


I don't know if all years are the same, but on a 96, remove the top mount under the tank and remove the front mount, the engine will drop down enough in the front to remove the head and cylinder.

Get a Honda service manual, its is well worth the cost.

Good Luck! :cry:

On a 95 I had to pull all the bolts to get it to set low enough.So I just went ahead and pulled it out,much easier to work on.

Just pulled my valve cover and valve head out on Saturday.1995 XR 600.With out removing the engine .But it is best to get the Honda shop manual,not the after market ones.

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