Buddy pegs

I need to get some buddy pegs, my bike did not come with any. I would like to take my wife or kids out but I need pegs for that. The Honda shop quoted around $108 each side. :cry: No I wish that I were kidding :cry:. If any one knows where to get cheaper ones I would really like to know. Thanks in advance.

Buddy Pegs

$9.16 with a day and a half to go. :cry:

You got ripped off you should go and give that dealer a piece of your mind and never go back there. That is something that the L comes with. He took them off and now is charging you way too much for them. Just my $.02, that is assuming that you got it from a dealer new. If not ignore me I am just rambling.

Here you go from another site.


Buddy Pegs $25.00

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