xr650l needs compression release - xr600?

Does anybody know if the xr600 rocker cover with a manual compression release fits on a 650l?

Hmmm, could work. The stock L decompressor works below a certain RPM. Is the stock decompressor removed?


Yes. I'm using a WBros cam so no automatic compression release, but from what I understand the xr600 also has a manual release. I could work around the upper motor mount if that was an issue but what about everything else?

I'm hoping somebody can help me. Hasn't anybody put a manual compression release of any kind on an XR650L?

I bought my '93 in Sept. of '92. I've been across the US on it, bottomed out the suspension,(I'm fat now at 170lbs), ridden motocross tracks, learned how to do the 2-3 shift while doin' a wheelly (wheely?), flattracked a greasy (not really, but it felt like it) set of kenda's riding to work, blew up the stock muffler when I forgot to turn on the kill button initially and loaded it up with gas remembered and hit the starter, mysteriously broke a rear brake caliper riding in the desert, had a blow out on the front wheel while riding two up with my wife on the freeway (new dealer installed gp110"s?!), wore out second gear trail riding, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (er...yeah, enjoyed it)

So when my beloved bike got treated to a major upgrade in power (WBros 20hp kit with track cam) but refuses to reliably start because it has no compression release, I'm really bummed.

I'll answer my own question. The xr600 head cover does fit the xr650l, and gives you a manual compression release. In fact if you had the machining capability, you could drill out the xr650l headcover in the correct spot to make it the same as an xr600. I've had mine installed for over a year. It's the only way to bump start a built up 650L if your battery ever dies.

That's great to know, since there are a few that are considering adding a kickstarter. Also great to hear a beloved original XRL still out there making big grins.:bonk:

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